Charlie Juge

My Cousins

These are my cousins, Lucas, Max and Roger. They are really big and they are lots of fun! One time I was trying to get Lucas to play with me.  I was nibbling on his ear and smacking his head with my paw trying to wake him up – he was taking a nap – and suddenly he growled at me.  I got nervous.  My Uncle Joe did not care for that.  Uncle Joe is very strict. He is the Alpha dog everywhere he goes.  I think that is cool.  Anyway, he made Lucas sit in the corner by himself for a long time.  I got to sit on Uncle Joe’s lap.  I also got a mini belly rub from Uncle Joe, but I don’t think anybody saw that.  Lucas never growled at me again, even when I tried to drag him around by his tail…being little has it’s advantages!


Lucas, Max and Roger

They changed places in the picture below!

Hanging out by the barn

Lucas, Roger and Max