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Kash and Solo

This is Kash. He is very cool. Kash lives in Iowa with his Mom and Dad and his nephew Solo. His Mom visited us in North Carolina and she gave me a very niffy toy…it’s an orange monkey and is fun to play with. I really like Kash’s Mom! This is Kash’s nephew Solo. He …
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Kaiser and Kaiserin

Say hi to my new neighbors Kaiser and Kaiserin! They live here in Flat Rock, NC with their Mom, right around the corner from me! They are really silly and a lot of fun!



Please meet Grams…my Mom said Grams is a very sweet girl. She lives in California with her Mom in a beautiful new house. My Mom said we are going there for a visit so I can play in their new backyard. I got excited because my Mom said Grams has a treat jar and it’s …
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Let’s all welcome Joffie! Joffie lives in Iowa with her Mom and Dad. She is a beautiful take charge woman and loves to go for long walks with her Mom. Someday we will visit her in Iowa. I hope she will share her really cool toy with me.



Say Hi to Sophie! Sophie lives in Southern California. She is a very elegant and feminine woman. Sophie has a really nice Mom who is one of the original Juge Girls.


Lucy and Coco

Lucy and Coco are having fun in Massachusetts! They love to play and chase each other around their backyard. They are taking a little break…it’s definitely time for a treat!



Oreo loves relaxing, meditating and snacking. He lives in Massachusetts with his family. He is Hooligan Central’s Buddha man!



Bonjour à Tous! Ruffles is French! He lives with his Mom and Dad in Massachusetts. And guess what? Ruffles has his own instagram page…@rufflesthefrenchie…don’t you think that is nifty! Ruffles Mom is a Juge Girl for sure. Ruffles celebrates a Happy New Year with a toast! Ruffles is going for a ride with his Mom…he …
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Meet Ginger! Ginger lives in Atlanta with her Mom in a big beautiful house…she has lots of energy and loves to play ball. Her Mom says she is very protective and great company. I think Ginger’s purple collar is very snazzy.



This is Lacy. Don’t you think she is a cutie-patootie? Lacy lives in Iowa with her Mom and Dad and likes to ride on the scooter. She likes to go fast!

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