Relevant to ‘Dogs‘

Maggie and her new do. There are two pink bows you can't see. But they didn't last very long anyway.


Maggie models her new hair-do. Since her rescue from the streets, Maggie has been taking Los Angeles by storm. She has even been photographed with movie stars!  I think she is a very beautiful woman. Someday we might get to kiss. Maggie’s Gramma Carole is a Juge Girl™ and lives in South Carolina.      

Lucas, Roger and Max Dombrowski

My Cousins

These are my cousins, Lucas, Max and Roger. They are really big and they are lots of fun! One time I was trying to get Lucas to play with me.  I was nibbling on his ear and smacking his head with my paw trying to wake him up – he was taking a nap – …
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Sam and Walker Get Along

Sam and Walker

Sam is nice, he is very gentle. He takes good care of his little brother Walker. Sam and Walker really enjoy their life in the country in western North Carolina.  I really like their Mom Sue.  I met her once. Sue is a Juge Girl™ and lots of fun!

Boo Boo in the Spirit of Christmas

Boo Boo and Ziggy

I don’t know if Boo Boo thinks this outfit was such a good idea. He looks kinda nervous. Boo Boo lives in Georgia and likes to stay close to his Mom and Dad.

Buddy and Katie Chan

Buddy and Katie

Buddy and Katie live in western North Carolina. Their Mom Gloria is always smiling and is really nice to me. I wonder if Buddy and Katie think they’re looking in the mirror when they touch noses?



Meet Max!  Holy cow, he is a big guy!  He even has a big name!  His Mom said he is named after a gladiator, that’s kind of nice don’t you think?  –  but, does anybody out there know what a gladiator is?